The rise of HNWI in Eastern Europe

Philanthropy is also a key trend, with many wealthy families and individuals looking to give back to worthy causes in their home countries.


Law firm survey 2019

This clearly indicates just how much and how rapidly the legal sector has been changing over the last few years.


Fund domiciliation report

The exponential growth of the industry is supported by these positive forecasts from data provider Preqin and industry participants are equally bullish.


Brexit making Brits go bonkers about banks and their bucks

Younger generations (18-24 and 25-34 year olds) are the most anxious about Brexit’s impact on their bank and bucks – 42% of 18-24 year olds fear that their high street bank may go under following Brexit, compared to just 7% of over 65s.


Henley & Partners Discusses Sovereign Equity at Davos

Sovereign equity is two sides of the same coin. States offer enhanced global mobility and security, with investors literally 'buying into a country', injecting debt-free capital that creates sovereign and societal value.


World On Fire by Tim Price

Journalism schools are not alone in their attempts to dignify a trade by tacking onto it the idea of professionalism and laying over it a body of dubious theory.