The Tech Start-ups Sectors Dominating The UK In 2022

Despite the economic weight of the pandemic, entrepreneurs across the country have continued to take the plunge and launch their businesses, with more than 770,000 startups formed in 2020 alone.


Wealth Wizards releases financial wellbeing app

Royal London is already using Turo Wellbeing to create a series of personalised journeys to help their customers improve their financial wellbeing and retirement prospects, through a guidance-only pathway.


German fintech Upvest raises $42m in Series B round

Upvest claims its API and core banking system help challenger banks and other banking players to “significantly save on the cost side since they do not need to develop their brokerage and custody infrastructure from scratch”.


Benefits of self-service in banking

This means that the more self-service functionality banks make available, the more positively customers will view the service they receive.