UK consults on proposed global minimum tax for multinationals

The government’s consultation seeks views on the proposed tax - which will be operated on a country-by-country basis - and its application in the UK, including who the rules apply to, transitional rules and how firms within scope should report and p


France: 2022 finance law enacted

According to French accounting rules, an enterprise’s goodwill (fonds commercial) is deemed to be a non-depreciable asset unless the enterprise can justify a foreseeable period of use.


Lloyd’s boss says no need to fear global tax deal

The Bermuda market has credibility globally, brilliant talent in terms of its ability to execute for insurance and reinsurance, great distribution opportunities and still has capital and tax advantages, whatever happens.


SEB hit with €511m tax demand

The review relates to transactions that were carried out before a change in Germany’s tax legislation came into force in 2016.