Compenswiss moves to tackle mounting cashflow problem

Switzerland’s federal social security office has calculated that the AHV/AVS fund, which is for first pillar pensions, will run out of assets by the end of 2030 if no measures to address the funding imbalance are adopted before then.


FCA accused of not taking responsibility

Nor does it include a glossary of consumer friendly terms and Mr Bussy said this means individual fund houses will be confused about how to do it.


Comment: Cryptoassets and the case for regulation

Shortly afterwards, the UK's Cryptoasset Taskforce - which comprises representatives of the FCA, HM Treasury and the Bank of England - identified three major risks associated with cryptoassets.


Former Banker Sues UOB For Race Discrimination

Smith, who was a senior officer in the bank's treasury business, said UOB changed the minutes of the meeting that originally described how the candidate needed to «fit into UOB