Government blunder dooms pension dashboard

The government officials also don't know what would be the bill of setting up a system - or adapting the existing ones - to be able to migrate the state pension data into the dashboard.


FCA promises to weed out sexual harassers

As part of this scope, Ms Butler said the FCA will continue to enforce individual accountability within the industry and assess whether senior staff are "fit and proper" to fulfil their roles.


FCA to increase Fos compensation limit to £350k

The changes will mean that SMEs with an annual turnover below £6.5m and fewer than 50 employees, or an annual balance sheet below £5m will now be able to refer unresolved complaints to the ombudsman service.


Sustainable finance

The EU is examining how to integrate sustainability considerations into its financial policy framework in order to mobilise finance for sustainable growth.


City braced for more departures

The Bank of England warned last week against the bloc using derivatives as a Brexit bargaining tool, risking ­financial stability.