Banks hedging Brexit bets amidst COVID-19 uncertainty

Despite the UK officially leaving the EU on March 31, banks are working to a final relocation deadline of December 31 which marks the end of the Brexit transition period and the cut-off point for the UK to strike a trade agreement or leave the EU without


Wealth Creators Post Brexit

There are other aspects such as the Right to Property, which is not un-useful but the cases in which this has helped are slim.


Brexit means Brexit? Not quite…

Regardless of what shape Brexit will take, the UK is most likely to retain a pre-eminent status as a ‘go to’ destination for wealthy individuals and families


UK Banks Put Aside Brexit Risk

Despite the underperformance of 2018 the underlying performance of UK banks in terms of their day to day business on a domestic level hasn’t been that bad, with decent profits in 2018, with the trend continuing into the first half of 2019.