FNZ takes responsibility for Aviva problems

There were also issues with the new client reporting function and technical issues which affected payments for people in drawdown, while advisers reported they were not getting their payments through the platform.


Miton's AUM up 38%

The total assets under management for the company rose from £3.8bn to £4.8bn in the nine month period.


Global investment in real estate hits record $1.8tn

The 18% increase in commercial real estate investment is being led by Asia, both as a source of capital and as an investment destination, with investment in Asia accounting for 52% of all activity and Asian buyers responsible for 45% of all cross-border i


GFXC survey on FX Global Code

This survey will follow up on the initial survey the GFXC conducted last year that received more than 500 responses. The results of that survey were published in December 2017.


FMSB: Challenges and Opportunities for the next 3 years

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