Tax relief loophole 'not cost effective' to fix

Mr Hammond said it was not cost effective to act on this anomaly, repeating the view previously expressed by John Glen, economic secretary to the Treasury, in front of the Work and Pensions committee.


Significant Changes in the 19/20 Tax Year by Penny Lovell

If you’re a parent or grandparent putting savings into a Junior ISA, you’ll also want to adjust the family’s contributions to ensure you’re making the most of the new limit, which has risen from £4,260 to £4,368.


Momentum launches SIPP for US clients

The US SIPP is administered by Momentum in the UK and is only available through regulated advisers in the United States and Europe, including FCA-regulated advisers in the UK, the company said.


HMRC clarifies terms for tax charge

The old rules mean taxpayers pay a lower rate of tax on the disguised remuneration and will not have to pay the extra charge, which came into effect on April 5.