Consultation into pension ‘superfunds’ launched

While the outlook for the vast majority of schemes is positive, in that members can expect to receive the pensions they have been promised, there are some schemes where the outlook is much more uncertain, the consultation document said.


Employers against default pensions for employees

This stance is supported by a recent poll* by WEALTH at work which found that 86% of respondents believe that employees should not be defaulted into a decumulation pathway at-retirement without financial guidance.


Govt still negotiating on Brexit state pension deal

But the deal has proven controversial and several members of the Conservative Party have called for Mrs May to stand down as Prime Minister, with some claiming it gives the EU too much power over the UK and others saying the opposite.


Govt admits pension tax relief blunder

In schemes that operate the latter, members get tax relief by making their contributions before their pay is taxed so the member gets the tax relief straightaway.


HMRC clarifies Qrops repayment rules

The taxman published two consultations this week on the process it uses for the repayment of this charge on Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes.