PwC launches Intergovernmental agreement monitor

The expected wave of intergovernmental agreements (IGAs) implementing the tax reporting and withholding procedures commonly associated with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) has begun.


Revenue clampdown on offshore trusts pays off

HMRC stepped up its attack on banks and other businesses that paid salaries and bonuses through trusts, ratcheting up an extra compliance bill for the 770 companies in the large business sector by 160 per cent to £533m in the year to April 2013.


Italy Stops Cash Payments in 2014 To Combat Tax Evasion

In the interest of increasing the traceability of payments in Italy, and thereby reducing the opportunities for tax evasion, cash payment for certain types of goods and services will be forbidden from January 1, 2014.


Four tax inspectors pursuing HMRC's most wanted

Labour criticised the government after the Treasury minister, David Gauke, admitted in reply to a parliamentary written question that four employees of HMRC are working to capture 124 tax fugitives.


India, San Marino sign bilateral tax treaty

The agreement is based on international standard of transparency and exchange of information and provides for exchange of information that is relevant to the administration and enforcement of the domestic tax laws.