David Cameron Rules Out Mansion Tax

David Cameron has ruled out introducing a mansion tax if he is returned to office as Prime Minister at the next general election in 2015.


Greek Tax Penalties Get Tougher

A circular issued by Haris Theocharis, Secretary-General for Public Revenues, also envisaged asset seizure and their auctioning off with fast-track procedures.


Belgium To Exceed Tax Recovery Target In 2013

Belgian State Secretary responsible for combating tax fraud, John Crombez, has announced that the Government expects to exceed its target for recovering evaded taxes in 2013.


Lib Dems Plan 'super' Mansion Tax for London

The wealthiest homeowners could face a new ‘super mansion tax’ from the Liberal Democrat party, as the junior coalition partner attempts to distance itself from the Conservatives.


Hargreaves Launches Legal Challenge to Rebate Tax

Ian Gorham , chief executive of Hargreaves Lansdown, said the introduction of what the group is calling a 'discount tax' is "extremely disappointing news and an attack on the small investor".