IPT rate changes in the EEA - TMF Group

A new year brings a raft of Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) rate changes and other new developments affecting insurance companies writing cross-border business in the EEA.


VAT Newsletter - SMP Accounting & Tax Limited

2015 saw the introduction of significant changes to the place of supply for certain electronic services within the EU. Whilst the full impact of certain aspects have still to be determined the changes haven’t been as difficult as many envisaged.


UK expats face 'double whammy' over tax affairs

The government is ready to restrict British expatriates' tax benefits in a bid to get agreement with the European Union over renegotiating the UK's terms of membership, according to press reports.


Swiss banker settles German tax probe

The bank has said it never set up or distributed such products and Eric Sarasin has also denied that he was involved in such a scheme.