Industry calls for independent Pensions Commission

The report, “Consensus Revisited” reveals that, despite a number of positive policy initiatives, many future savers are still unlikely to secure adequate retirement incomes as a consequence of economic and demographic headwinds


DWP: We don’t want to dictate how schemes look

The government wants to encourage innovation in the pensions industry without dictating how the schemes will look, as it continues to create the collective benefits scheme framework.


BlackRock launches new target date fund

BlackRock has launched a range of target-date funds to offer defined contribution pension scheme members greater choice ahead of April’s pension reforms.


Another peer-to-peer platform gains pension presence

UK Bond Network offers high-yield bonds in UK businesses to individual investors through an ‘auction’ platform, in effect providing alternative source of debt financing for smaller companies.


Royal London warns on British pension reforms

Looming British pension reforms that give more freedom in planning for the costs of retirement have been ill-planned and run the risk of consumers making poor financial choices