Registering as a trade repository

It is not intended to make policy changes, other than where appropriate to reflect the UK’s new position outside the EU.  


Julius Baer Whistleblower Cleared in Data-Theft Case

In a case drawing international scrutiny, the Federal Supreme Court by a 3-2 majority rejected an appeal by Zurich prosecutors in the case involving former private banker Rudolf Elmer, who denied all the charges.


Carey Olsen advises Terra Firma

Parmaco is a fast-growing Finnish real estate company which specialises in building and renting high quality buildings for schools, day care providers and nursing homes.


Cayman, UK resume crime-fighting cooperation

The agreement does not affect the threat that the British government may impose public beneficial ownership registers in the overseas territories through an order in council, if they have not been implemented by 2020.


The importance of international co-operation

Speech by Megan Butler, Executive Director of Supervision - Investment, Wholesale and Specialists at the FCA, delivered at The Pan Asian Regulatory Summit 2018, Hong Kong.


FCA's plan to stop repeat of Property fund fallout

Open-ended funds that invest in illiquid assets can encounter difficulties if significant numbers of investors simultaneously try to withdraw their money at short notice. An example of this occurred following the result of the UK referendum on EU membersh