RBS faces whistleblowing allegations over ‘cronyism’

It is also alleged that the man was paid nearly double what those with qualifications were earning and, damningly, that more experienced and qualified staff were kicked off the project while he maintained his position.


Ex-Deutsche Bank director assumes major role at Mizuho

Late last week, the police raided bank’s offices in a two-day investigation related to Panama Papers, which suggested that two unnamed Deutsche Bank employees helped clients set up offshore firms to launder money.


EU Withdrawal Impact Assessment

The UK and EU would become third countries from the other’s perspective, which means passporting rights would cease to apply.


ESAs propose to amend bilateral margin requirements

The draft RTS propose, in the context of the United Kingdom's (UK) withdrawal from the European Union (EU), to introduce a limited exemption in order to facilitate the novation of certain OTC derivative contracts to EU counterparties during a specifi