Top Swiss bank fends off lawsuit of billionaire US tax evader

Olenicoff sued UBS in 2008, accusing the bank of fraud, conspiracy and other charges in handling some US$200mil he kept in offshore accounts and claiming that UBS had wrongfully advised him that he did not have to report them to the IRS.


France's Hollande Unveils 'Vast' Tax Reform Plans

Denouncing the legacy of outgoing President Nicolas Sarkozy’s five-year term in office, marked by accumulated debt of EUR612bn (USD799.7bn), by a proliferation of supplementary finance laws and incoherent budgets, aimed at maintaining the fiscal pri


France tightens grip on super rich

Tax rises for the wealthy are at the heart of the debate and if the left wins, France could become the country with the highest tax on the rich in the EU, and one of the most punishing in the world.


Germany Outraged over Swiss Arrest Warrants

The move has gone down well in Switzerland, where politicians have praised the country's assertiveness. But it is unclear how the Swiss authorities will proceed -- the main witness is dead.


FSA probes swap-sale targeting

The City regulator is examining whether “aggressive sales targets” influenced the type of interest rate hedging products sold by banks to small companies as part of its review of swaps selling following an investigation by The Sunday Telegraph


Aegon, Standard Life to pay redress over Sipp transfers

Although the ombudsman said Standard Life was responsible for the error, Mr Hearn’s advisers were given enough information to realise it had happened and therefore could reasonably have mitigated any loss, according to the determination.


FSA cracks whip at dawn for enforcement

Steven Francis, regulatory partner at RPC, said the high number of dawn raids is evidence of the FSA’s increased focus on more conspicuous and heavy-handed enforcement exercises since the start of the credit crunch.